Mohammed Zeki Mahjoub

Interview with Mahjoub

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Letters of Support

  • Center For Constitutional Rights

    "Mr. Mahjoub, like many detainees held indefinitely by the United States, has been left no choice but to starve himself to demand basic humane treatment from a government that is detaining him on secret evidence without charges, and threatening to deport him to torture"

  • Legal and Medical Professionals

    "Indefinite detention without charge on the basis of secret evidence flies in the face of basic principles of justice and due process. In addition, Mohammad Mahjoub and other security certificate detainees are held in conditions that are far worse than those of most convicted criminals, despite the fact that they have never been charged with any crime, much less found guilty. "

  • Human Rights Watch

    "You have the power to avoid such an outcome by ensuring that our province lives up to its international obligations in respect of treatment of prisoners. Your action can, and must, save Mr. Mahjoub’s life."

  • Ligues des droits et libertés

    "You must intervene immediately and allow him access to the medical care he requires. Furthermore, we ask that you allow him to have touch visits with his young children. It is hard to believe that either request could pose a threat to national security. You have the power, and therefore the moral responsibility, to act now to resolve a crisis, which could cost a human life."

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