Mohammed Zeki Mahjoub

Interview with Mahjoub

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Passez à l'action !

Here are a few things you can do quickly from home or workplace and can encourage those around you to do:

  1. Endorse the statement for the April hearings and the campaign demands for Justice for Mahjoub: (1) Immediately free Mahjoub, Harkat and Jaballah; 2. Apology, reparations and citizenship for all five security certificate detainees; and 3. Accountability for all officials responsible for their arbitrary, indefinite detention. To endorse, please email
  2. Encourage your members and networks to help pack the court rooms during public hearings.
  3. Join and link to your website and social media pages.
  4. Invite a member of the Justice for Mahjoub Network to come do a presentation at your meeting about the struggle against security certificates and how they are part of a broader fight against unjust immigration and policing policies in the context of Islamophobia and racism.
  5. Write your own statement against security certificates and share it with your membership. Express your profound concern about the security certificate process and call for the immediate release of the current detainees, Mohammad Mahjoub, Mahjoub Jaballah and Mohamed Harkat.
  6. Distribute our flyers to your friends, colleagues and neighbours. Contact us at to order them.
  7. Distribute, by email or facebook or twitter, the petition at to your friends and colleagues and ask them to sign it. You can also print a copy of the petition and distribute it by hand. Names of people who have endorsed should be sent to

Thanks for your solidarity!

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