People's Commission on Immigration and "Security" Measures


The People's Commission welcomes your input!

The Commission cannot succeed without the active participation of the public. There are several ways that you ? as an individual or representative of an organisation ? can provide input:


    A series of Public Consultations are being organised across Canada and Quebec to provide information about the issue of security certificates and other immigration security measures, explain the project, seek feedback on how we are setting it up, and to encourage participation. Please check our website or contact us to find out whether a Consultation is being organised near you.

    We also welcome your suggestions at any time by email, fax, phone or post. See contact details on front cover.


    Witnesses and experts who give testimony at the Public Hearings will be questioned both by the Commissioners and by members of the public. All members of the public who attend the hearings will be able to question the witnesses and experts who speak, time permitting.

    The Public Hearings will be held from 21 to 23 April 2006 at CÉDA, 2515 Delisle St., Montreal. A provisional schedule of experts and witnesses will be available on our website or by contacting us during the first half of April. Please come out!


    Download the survey
    Responses can be emailed, faxed or sent by mail. Deadline to return your responses to us is 23 April.


    We invite everyone to submit evidence to the Commission. Particularly, we are looking for expert testimony or testimony of experiences related to Canadian immigration security policies (immigration detention, deportation, torture, immigration hearings, racial profling, security interviews, etc.).

    Your input will be reviewed by the Commission. All submissions can be treated with confidentiality and anonymity will be respected. If you agree, we will also make your evidence available publicly on our website and on request.

    To make a submission:

    Language: we can accept written or recorded information, in English, French, Arabic, and Spanish. We will do our best to accommodate other languages – please contact us to find out whether we can.

    Written submissions can be type-written or even hand-written if necessary (clearly, please!) and can be any length you like.

    Recorded submissions can be made in CD or MP 3 format, and also tape if necessary.

    Please don't forget:

    - to begin your submission with a quick summary (one or two sentences) and a statement of why it is important for the Commission to consider the information or analysis you are providing;
    - to specify whether or not you want us to make your submission available to the public (on the website or on request); and
    - to include your name and let us know how to get in touch with you for follow up (if you are not making your submission on an anonymous basis).

    Send your submission by 23 April 2006 to:

    -; or
    - fax 514-848-7584; or
    - People's Commission c/o QPIRG-Concordia, 1500 de Maisonneuve W, Suite 204, Montreal, Qc, liG 1N1.


    The Commissioners will be holding Public Hearings from 21 to 23 April 2006 in Montreal. Members of the public – groups or individuals - are invited to apply to speak at the public hearing. Space is limited, so the Commissioners will chose testimonies that they believe will add an important element to the issues under consideration.

    More than two dozen experts and witnesses will testify before the Commission at the Public Hearings. The hearings will be divided into sessions looking at different aspects of the issue and hearing people's stories. Testimony will be followed by questions from the Commissioners and from the public.

    Privacy will be fully respected, and arrangements can be made to ensure your anonymity, as necessary.

    To apply to speak at the Public Hearings:

    Send the following information to us by 10 April by email, fax or post (as above).

    1. Do you wish to make your presentation anonymously (yes/no)?

    2. Optional info:
    Years in Canada
    Country of birth
    Immigration status

    3. Are you making this submission on behalf of an organisation? If yes, please include a brief description of your organisation.

    4. How can we contact you (tel, fax, email, address or via community centre, place of worship, etc.)?

    5. Here are some of the topics we would like to discuss: family impact of immigration policies; community impact of immigration policies; security agencies, control and insecurity; racial profiling; state kidnapping and torture (so-called extraordinary "rendition"); concept of "national security"; purpose of immigration controls; other immigration security measures (besides security certificates); role of legal community in abuse; racial profiling; immigration detentions; secrecy and quality of "evidence" used in immigration security cases; lack of due process in immigration cases; deportation to torture; discrimination against non-citizens; deportation; psychological torture of indefinite detention and of threat of deportation to torture. Will you be speaking about some of these questions? Which ones do you think you will be talking about? What other topics would you like to talk about?

    6. In a few sentences, summarise the presentation you want to make.

    7. Why do you think your presentation is important for the Commission to hear?

    8. Will you also be making a written or recorded submission?

    9. Which language would you present in?

    10. Is there any time you are not available on 21, 22 and 23 April?

    11. Would you be available/willing to have a pre-interview with members of the Commission?

    12. Anything else we should take into account when considering your application?

    Don't forget to write "Request to speak at Public Hearings" at the top of your application or in the subject line of your email.

The People's Commission Network is a working group of QPIRG-Concordia 514.848.7585

Contact the People's Commission Network: QPIRG Concordia - Peoples's Commission Network c/o Concordia University 1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest Montreal, QC, H3G 1M8

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