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No One Is Illegal Radio: Exposing Torture Canada

Listen to the October 2008 edition of No One Is Illegal Radio.

No One Is Illegal Radio reports about the frontline struggles for justice, dignity and self-determination by migrants, refugees and indigenous peoples.

The October 2008 edition of No One Is Illegal Radio is a collaboration with the People's Commission into Immigration "Security" Measures and the "Torture Canada" series. We hear directly from the people resisting and exposing torture, indignity and injustice, whether at Guantanamo in Cuba, at Guantanamo North at Kingston or at a local prison here in Montreal, as well the continued efforts to seek clear answers, transparently and openly, about Canada's direct role in rendition to torture.

On the October show, we hear about (and from):

  • Abousfian Abdelrazik: A former Montreal resident and Sudanese-Canadian citizen who was detained and tortured in Sudan, and currently unable to return to Canada where he has remained in limbo for 5 years;
  • Ivan Apaolaza Sancho: Basque prisoner at Montreal's RDP Prison for more than one year, facing imminent deportation to possible torture in the Spanish state;
  • Hassan Almrei: Currently detained at the Kingston Immigration Holding Center (Guantanamo North); held without charge or trial for seven years under a security certificate;
  • Abdullah Almalki: Canadian citizen, imprisoned in Syria for two years where he was brutally tortured and "opportunistically renditioned" by Canadian authorities;
  • Muayyed Nurredin: Also renditioned to torture in Syria, currently fighting for an open and transparent public inquiry into his case;
  • Ahmad El-Maati: Imprisoned and tortured in Syria and Egypt, who along with Almalki and Nurredin is demanding clear answers from CSIS and government authorities;
  • Omar Khadr: Canadian citizen detained at Guantanamo Bay Prison since 2002; he has been detained since the age of 15 after a firefight in Afghanistan, and tortured by American soldiers at both Bagram and Guantanamo.

As well, for context, we hear from Yavar Hameed, lawyer for Abousfian Abdelrazik, and Khaled Mouammar of the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) about the case of Omar Khadr.

In-studio guests: Mary Foster and Tatiana Gomez of the People's Commission into Immigration Security Measures; host and producer: Jaggi Singh of No One Is Illegal-Montreal.

Thanks to: the Caravan to End Canadian Involvement in Torture/Homes Not Bombs (Ontario); Darren Ell; CKUT's Community News Collective.

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