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The People’s Commission Network (PCN) presented a proposal for a popular forum on the national security agenda at a Consulta on March 27th, 2010.

Several themes were proposed, brainstormed and discussed at the consulta. The content coordination committee used these, and the discussion around them, as its starting point developing the forum’s content.

  • Solidarity and non-cooperation
  • Who is targeted/protected
  • Racial profiling
  • Training people to deal with CSIS
  • Youth and chill effect
  • CSIS powers
Groups and NGO’s targeted in the name of national security
  • Ngo's recently attacked by government
  • Grassroots groups targeted by CSIS
  • Indigenous sovereignty movements and targeting of anti-colonial organizing in Canada
  • Criminalization of dissent
  • Resistance groups in Midde East and organizing in Canada
  • Media watch
  • Rendre l'invisibe visible
“Framing” Identitaire and “national security”
  • Criminalization of Face covering
  • Islamophobia
  • Solidarity among groups
  • “Reasonable accommodation” and “Quebec values”
Historical Perspective on National Security
  • Cda/Qc
  • Repression
  • Why certain groups were targeted at different times
  • 1267
  • Lists of “terrorist groups”: developing a common front
Myth of Humanitarian Canada
  • Racism
Canadian involvement in torture
  • Racism
  • Challenging the myth of Canadian superiority and humanitarian benevolence
Political Agenda behind National Security
  • Interests served
  • Role of military/security industry
  • Who mandates CSIS and other security agencies, and what is their political agenda, why are certain groups targeted
Surveillance Powers

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