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Media Articles

  • Ulusal Güvenlİk Rejİmİ Kİşİsel Hak Ve Özgürlüklerİ Tehdİt Edİyor (Original)
    Özel Haber
    Yeni Hayat
    11 March 2011

  • Fighting Security Certificates (Original)
    Alex Di Pietro
    The Link
    8 February 2011

  • Forum sur la dérive sécuritaire (Original)
    Justin Doucet.
    Le Délit
    8 February 2011

  • Secret Trials, Blackmail and Other Adventures (Original)
    Meagan Wohlberg & Jasmine Papillon-Smith
    The Link
    8 February 2011

  • Canadian Anti-Terrorist Policy Under Fire (Original)
    Simon Liem
    The Link
    6 February 2011

  • The importance of Countering Canada's National Security Agenda for justice in Palestine (Original)
    Mostafa Henaway
    Montreal Media Co-op
    3 February 2011

  • Ellen Gabriel at People's Commission forum on national security at Concordia (Original)
    Peggy Curran
    Montreal Gazette
    31 January 2011

  • The difference one word would make to what CSIS does
    A. Alan Borovoy (Former General Counsel - Canadian Civil Liberties Association)
    The Toronto Star
    14 September 1994

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