Abousfian Abdelrazik: Project Fly Home

winter morning blues

Listen to:
* winter morning blues
for Abdelrazik

saxophone — Matana Roberts
piano — Stefan Christoff
recorded by Thierry Amar @ Hotel 2 Tango

Statement from Abousfian

Listen to an audio statement from Abousfian Abdelrazik on April 1st, 2009 by clicking the play button below. You can download the MP3 here.

"The government's refusal to grant Mr. Abdelrazik travel documents is a human rights outrage. It's a direct attack on his citizenship, and therefore the citizenship of every Canadian. The right to come home is a citizen's most fundamental right. Our citizenship means nothing if we can't come home. When I was a Canadian citizen in trouble abroad, the government sent a Hercules to bring me home. I was surprised, shocked, amazed with gratitude. I am no more worthy than Mr. Abdelrazik. The least they can do is give him the documents he is entitled to so he can finally come home, after almost six years of waiting."

James Loney

"Our right to return home upon being freed was never in question. In this regard, as Foreign Affairs is well aware, Abousfian Abdelrazik's case is no different."

Harmeet Singh Sooden

“I support the return of Abdelrazik to Canada because I am against fascism. To restrict a person's freedom of movement without laying charges and providing evidence of unlawful behaviour in a court of law is to open the door to fascism. Allowing our Arab brothers to be treated in this way makes us all potential victims of state oppression.”

Martin Duckworth, Montreal

« Nous avons écrit et réécrit au ministre Cannon, espérant toujours qu'il comprenne...nous avons contacté aussi notre député (du Bloc) et eu une réponse très favorable, telle qu'il fut rapporté de la conférence de presse des partis de l'opposition hier... Nous ne voyons vraiment aucune raison de tant tergiverser ! Puisse le gouvernement cesser de jouer ce jeu incohérent... »

Les Soeurs Auxiliatrices par Christiane Sibillotte, Montréal

"I contributed to Abousfian's ticket as a concrete gesture of solidarity, out of my belief that every Canadian has a right to come home, and to send a message that the Canadian government's shameful treatment of one of its citizens does not speak on behalf of its people. While my actions are deemed to be illegal, when a country's law endangers its citizens and has no grounds in international norms, its loses its moral authority and legitimacy, and does not deserve to be respected. In this case, breaking the law was the only moral course of action.”

Samantha McGavin, Ottawa

“I am deeply disturbed by our governments continued denial of Mr. Abdelrazik’s rights. This attack on Mr. Abdelrazik threatens the basic rights of all Canadians and stinks of both racism and a cover-up. Have we not learned anything from our abuse of Maher Arar?”

Pascal Murphy

"I contributed to Mr Abdelrazik's ticket because it was a small action I could take to help someone in need. I am appalled by the actions of Canadian officials--including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their failure to provide travel documents --who have greatly aggravated Abousfian's stress and suffering. The shabby treatment of this Canadian citizen by the government screams of racism and Islamophobia, and we must challenge this in the name of equality and justice."

Alison Murray, a library worker in Kitchener, ON

"We have contributed towards Mr. Abdelrazik’s airline ticket from Sudan, because we believe it is a moral and ethical action. We believe that our Government should respect and protect the rights of all its citizens. It is the least that you and I would expect."

Ken Martin and Dawn Michael

"The Government of Canada needs to do the "right thing" and allow this Canadian citizen to return to his home."

Bruce Hutchinson, Kingston

"As a Canadian senior citizen, I wish to protest most vigorously the inhumane treatment Abousfian Abdelrazik is receiving. Bring him home at once. If the government thinks he is guilty of a crime, charge him and try him in Canada. If there is no evidence (and I have seen nothing to indicate that there is), let him return to his family. Let's end this ludicrous situation."

Janet Pringle, Moose Jaw

"Like Mr. Abdelrazik, I'm a Canadian citizen born overseas. I'd like to know if we now have two classes of citizenship in this country, and if so, on what basis. If his rights are not respected, would mine be?"

Mary O'Neill, a contributor from Ottawa

"The fact that Abousfian Abdelrazik has been tortured with the active involvement of Canadian agencies, and that he has not been allowed to return to Canada for almost 6 years now, is utterly abhorrent. While the Canadian government cannot undo what it has done to Mr. Abdelrazik, it is only adding insult to injury by coming up with excuse after excuse to avoid facilitating his safe return. The Canadian government's active complicity in the torture of the people it is supposed to represent and serve is shocking; meanwhile, the fact that Muslim men seem to be targeted is obvious. However, while it is easy to denounce the extremist and regressive Conservative government, it is important to remember that the responsibility for many such cases (including Maher Arar, the Security Certificate 5, and Abousfian Abdelrazik, among others) also lies with the Liberal government that was in power before Stephen Harper's Conservatives took over in January 2006. Ultimately, it is a security- and police-state apparatus -- managed by politicians bent on determing how much they can get away with by taking advantage of an era characterised by pervasive fear-mongering and paranoia -- that must be challenged and confronted if we are to have any hope of reversing the on-going curtailment of civil liberties, as well as putting an end to detentions, deportations, renditions and complicity in torture."

Samir Shaheen-Hussain, Montreal-based social justice activist & pediatrician



A sanctions-busting telethon was held in support of Abousfian Abdelrazik in Montreal on April 28th, 2010. More than 150 people from across the country responded to the appeal to donate to Abdelrazik, though they were aware that they risked federal prosecution by doing so.

Since then, Vancouver and Kitchener have each organized sanctions-busting events. And more have joined since! Find out how you can become a sanctions-buster and add your name to this list!

No. Name City Amount
1.Abdul PiraniSalaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC50.00
2.Adele SmillieSaskatoon100.00
3.Alexandra BlairMontreal
4.Ali LalaniMontreal
5.Alouette LarkMontreal
6.Ana AraujoMontreal
7.Anjali ChoksiMontreal50.00
8.Anne LakoffToronto
9.Archbishop LazarVancouver100.00
10.Astrid Schau-LarsenMontreal
12.Barbara RileyOttawa25.00
13.Betty FreemanMontreal60.00
14.Bill LoveBarrie, ON20.00
15.Blandine JuchsMontreal
16.Brewster KneenOttawa25.00
17.Brian AboudMontreal
18.Bruno DubucMontreal20.00
19.Brydon GombayToronto100.00
20.Campbell RobinsonVancouver200.00
21.Cara Banks Regina, Saskatchewan50.00
22.Catherine FortinMontreal35.00
23.Catherine OwenWindsor10.00
24.Catherine RobertsonRegina SK25.00
25.Cathleen KneenOttawa25.00
26.Centre for Women and Trans People at York U.Toronto150.00
27.Christopher Anderson Salt Spring Island, BC50.00
28.Clayton GrassickMontreal50.00
29.Clement BabbWellington, ON
30.Constance VaudrinMontreal10.00
31.Cory LegassicMontreal
32.Daniel CarknerVancouver 40.00
33.Dave ThomasSackville, ND100.00
34.David HareWaterloo, ON100.00
35.David Heap & Stephanie KellyLondon50.00
36.David KochMontreal
37.David MilneBelleville100.00
38.Dawn Michael & Ken MartinToronto100.00
39.Deborah Sawyer -BowdenWaterborough, NB10.00
40.Denis Thibault & Francine BraultFranklin, QC20.00
41.Denise NadeauVancouver50.00
42.Dolores ChewMontreal20.00
43.Donald J. KerrCollingwood, ON200.00
44.Donald KayeHamilton25.00
45.Douglas BuckToronto50.00
46.Dwyer Sullivan & Sheila SullivanKitchener20.00
47.E. Austin StackMontreal
48.Ehab LotayefMontreal
49.Eileen YoungMontreal
50.Elaine SandersonCalgary50.00
51.Elizabeth BlockToronto50.00
52.Elizabeth GuthrieToronto50.00
53.Elizabeth SmillieSaskatoon250.00
54.Elizabeth SutherlandLondon ON5.00
55.Emily CarpenterMontreal
56.Eric SchillerOttawa100.00
57.Ernie YacubCourtenay BC50.00
58.Evert HoogersOttawa25.00
59.Farha Najah HussainBrossard
60.Fiona McCallToronto50.00
61.Florence StrattonRegina25.00
62.Frances BauerLondon10.00
63.Frank BarninghamDurham25.00
64.Freda GuttmanMonreal
65.Gary Kinsman & Patrick BarnholdenSudbury100.00
66.Geoffrey McDadeMontreal
67.Gwen DaviesBanff, Alberta20.00
68.Gwendolyn SchulmanMontreal
69.Hedy MuyssonWestport, ON25.00
70.Heidi VerheulHalifax10.00
71.Helen HudsonMontreal100.00
72.Jake MartinKitchener, ON50.00
73.James LoneyToronto100.00
74.Jan HeynenOttawa20.00
75.Jean-Luc St-AmourMontreal
76.Jeff MonaghanOttawa75.00
77.Jeremy LakoffMontreal
78.Jessica BlairMontreal
79.Jessie KayeHamilton50.00
80.Jill FosterMontreal
81.Jo WoodOttawa100.00
82.Joan AudenOttawa50.00
83.John BaglowOttawa50.00
84.John BlumCanmore, BC100.00
85.Jou Jou TurenneMontreal
86.Judy HaivenHalifax100.00
87.Julie ChateauvertMontreal
88.Karen CocqOttawa20.00
89.Karl Amdur & Jennifer SanderMeaford, ON25.00
90.Ken StoneHamilton50.00
91.Kenneth SandersonCalgary50.00
92.Kevin FieldKitchener25.00
93.Kitchener Waterloo Anti-torture CoalitionKitchener-Waterloo10.00
94.Kristopher WoofterMontreal
95.Laurie NadirToronto50.00
96.Leonard DesrochesToronto10.00
97.Malcolm GuyMontreal
98.Marcel SevignyMontreal
99.Margaret MatthewsHalifax, Nova Scotia25.00
100.Margaret RobertsCalgary50.00
101.Margaret SlavinPeterborough10.00
102.Margaret SumadhToronto100.00
103.Maria Virjee Ottawa10.00
104.Marie Christine ParetMontreal150.00
105.Marie Eve LamyMontreal
106.Marie-Isabelle BaezMontreal10.00
107.Martin DuckworthMontreal
108.Mick MallonIqaluit104.28
109.Miriam LondonToronto100.00
110.Morvary SamanéMontreal
111.Mostafa HenawayMontreal
112.Murray LumleyToronto100.00
113.Mylène BarrièreMontreal
114.Nadeem Lawji & Alison MurrayKitchener20.00
115.Nancy BrownLachine20.00
116.Nancy LauderKanata, ON20.00
117.Nick AplinOttawa40.00
118.NighatBrossard, Qc
119.Peace Alliance WinnipegWinnipeg50.00
120.Peter LarsonOttawa50.00
121.Peter NyersToronto100.00
122.Pirotte Magaly Quebec
123.Raymond LegaultLaval50.00
124.Rebecca JohnsonToronto10.00
125.Ria HeynenOttawa100.00
126.Richard AnstettGuelph20.00
127.Richard CollierCalgary75.00
128.Scott NeighSudbury20.00
129.Sophie Le-Phat HoMontreal
130.Stephanie GudeToronto100.00
131.Sylvain BeaudetVerdun,QC
132.Tess TesalonaMontreal
133.Theodore NelsonCalgary100.00
134.Toni MacafeeHalifax100.00
135.Tracy MarchantSaskatoon30.00
136.Tyler NadeauMontreal
137.Virginia CarverOttawa25.00
138.Wade LiftonVancouver50.00
139.Wendy StevensonMontreal25.00
140.Wilf RulandHamilton250.00
141.William SloanMontreal
142.Wim Johann MuyssonBelleville100.00
143.Gary and Ann Lauzon Waterloo
144.Hiedi and John Murray Orangeville
145.Shannon Balla Guelph
146.Lillian Balla Milton
147.Sarah Noonan K-W
148.Rachel Avery K-W
149.Luke Stewart K-W
150.Jeff Kolnick K-W
151.Eleanor Grant Waterloo
152.Kathryn Wettlaufer Waterloo
153.Catherine Brennan Kitchener
154.Ian Stumpf Kitchener
155.Karl Dangberg Kitchener
156.Dwyer and Sheila Sullivan Kitchener
157.Anon Dundas, Ontario200.00
165.AnonRed Deer Alberta100.00
166.AnonDevon, Alberta10.00
167.Anon Brossard, QC
168.AnonSaskatoon, SK5.00
169.AnonMidhurst, ON100.00
170.AnonGranville Ferry, NS100.00
171.AnonSmithers BC50.00
175.Anon Montreal50.00
178.AnonBuffalo, NY
179.AnonBrossard, Qc70.00
Total 7,049.28


Between February and June 2009, when Abdelrazik was repatriated, the following people contributed to the fund to bring Mr. Abousfian Abdelrazik back home to Canada, despite the risk of being charged criminally for having directly or indirectly financed or collected money to support Mr. Abdelrazik.

No. Name City Amount
1.Aaron Lakoff, journalistMontreal1.25
2.Abby Lippman, ProfessorMontreal25.00
3.Alan PickersgillOttawa200.00
4.Albert Breton, Emeritus Professor, Economics, University of TorontoToronto25.00
5.Alex Hundert, Member of AW@LWaterloo20.00
6.Alison MurrayKitchener20.00
7.Alison R. Hall, Unitarian activistDorval, QC40.00
8.Alouette LarkMontreal20.00
9.Andrea Siemens, human rights activistToronto20.00
10.Andrew Davis, Barrister-at-LawToronto100.00
11.Ann Crichton-Harris &Toronto100.00
12.John Senders
13.Anna Henderson, retiredOttawa25.00
14.Anna Kruzynski, assistant professorMontréal20.00
15.Anne HillisDartmouth NS50.00
17.Archbishop Lazar Puhalo, ClergymanOttawa100.00
18.Barbara LegaultMontréal20.00
19.Barbara McKenna, retired lecturer, Canadian history, University of Western OntarioAylmer, ON40.00
20.Barbara RileyOttawa10.00
21.Bernie Hammond, Associate Professor of Sociology, King's University College, UWOLondon25.00
22.Bessa Whitmore, Professor Emerita, Carleton UniversityOttawa25.00
23.Beth SmillieSaskatoon100.00
24.Betty FreemanMontréal40.00
25.Bill Love, unemployedBarrie ON20.00
26.Bill Skidmore, professorOttawa50.00
27.Bob Stevenson, retired high school teacherOttawa25.00
28.Boyce Richardson, writerOttawa20.00
29.Brenda DollingCaledon, ON25.00
30.Brewster Kneen, authorOttawa20.00
31.Brian Aboud, professorMontréal30.00
32.Brian K. Murphy, author and educatorOttawa50.00
33.Brian Monrad, lawyer and C.A.Toronto100.00
34.Bridget Linder, environmental workerEdmonton10.00
35.Bruce HutchinsonKingston25.00
36.Bruce Ryder, Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, York UniversityToronto50.00
37.Brydon GombayToronto20.00
38.Cady WilliamsOttawa50.00
39.Campbell W. Robinson, Professor Emeritus, Chemical EngineeringVancouver100.00
40.Carol Tovee, retired Canadian diplomatToronto50.00
41.Caroline SennevilleMontréal25.00
42.Catherine FridToronto40.00
43.Chris Brookes, C.M., documentary-makerSt. John's,50.00
44.Christina Duvander, Outraged Canadian citizenPointe Claire, QC10.00
45.Christina Magill &Toronto20.00
46.Josh Coles
47.Christine Forand, farmerDurham, ON20.00
48.Claudia Schibler, retired Canadian Forces Sgt, disabled veteranHalifax, NS20.00
49.Colin Stuart, Christian Peacemaker TeamsOttawa50.00
50.Connie Hutchison, retired concerned Canadian citizenKingston100.00
51.Cory Legassic, teacherMontréal20.00
52.Cy Strom, editorToronto20.00
53.Dan Kellar, Member of AW@LWaterloo20.00
54.Daniel Saykaly, PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity)Montreal20.00
55.Darryl Leroux, writer and teacherOttawa20.00
56.Dave Bleakney, National Representative, Canadian Union of Postal WorkersOttawa50.00
57.David Ball, Staffperson, national Christian ministryWinnipeg, MB50.00
58.David Bird, Business OwnerFernie, BC
59.David Hare, Software Development ManagerWaterloo50.00
60.David Heap, Associate Professor, French Studies and Linguistics, UWOLondon25.00
61.David Janzen, Christian Peacemaker Teams and Canadian Friends of SabeelLondon50.00
62.David Milne, retired social workerBelleville, ON100.00
63.David Orchard, farmerBorden, SK400.00
64.David Pike, chemist, house builder and teacherOwen Sound, ON50.00
65.David Roberts, graduate studentEdmonton10.00
66.Dawn Michael &Toronto100.00
67.Ken Martin, educators
68.Deborah Sudul, writerMontauroux, France25.00
69.Denise NadeauVancouver20.00
70.Diana BronsonMontréal20.00
71.Djibril NdiayeMontreal
72.Dolores Chew, educatorMontréal20.00
73.Donald KayeHamilton25.00
74.Donald Kerr, retired Chemical EngineerCollingwood, ON20.00
75.Donald Kilpatrick, lawyerLondon, ON500.00
76.Doug Meggison, policy analyst HSAAEdmonton20.00
77.Douglas E. Daws, retired Parks Manager for the City of Kamloops and Royal Air Force veteran &Kamloops50.00
78.Margaret Daws, WW2 Canadian army veteran
79.Dr. Dwyer Sullivan, coordinator, Educators for Justice &Kitchener25.00
80.Sheila Sullivan, teacher, mother of 4
81.Dr. Gerald Cradock &Windsor, ON100.00
82.Melinda Munro
83.Dr. Robert Kent, ProfessorWindsor, ON30.00
84.Duncan Harrington-Jamieson, studentLondon20.00
85.Ehab Lotayef, engineerMontreal20.00
86.Elaine and Ken SandersonCalgary50.00
87.Eleanor BeattieMontreal
88.Elizabeth Block, potter, activist for civil rightsToronto25.00
89.Elizabeth Guthrie, Peace and Human Rights activist, People for PeaceLondon20.00
90.Émilie Breton, étudiante à la maitrise en sciences politiquesMontréal20.00
91.Eric Lankin, Member of AW@LWaterloo20.00
92.Evan MontpellierMontreal0.25
93.Evert Hoogers, retired postal workerOttawa25.00
94.Fiona McCall, author and publicistToronto50.00
95.Florence Stratton, teacherRegina25.00
96.Francine DumasGatineau, QC20.00
97.Frank Barningham, recipient of 2008 YMCA Peace Medallion (Owen Sound) Durham, ON20.00
98.Freda Guttman, artistMontréal20.00
99.Gabriel Carrasco, LabourerCalgary20.00
100.Gabriel LevineToronto20.00
101.Gary Connally, religion teacherBrampton, ON25.00
102.Genevieve Delmas Patterson, professeureMontreal20.00
103.George Prodanou, documentary producerToronto40.00
104.Gerry CaplanRichmond Hill,200.00
105.Gerry PascalMontreal1.00
106.Greg Rollins, construction workerVancouver20.00
107.Gwen Davies, writerHalifax20.00
108.H. SteevesBolton, ON50.00
109.Harmeet Singh SoodenAuckland, New20.00
110.Hedy MuyssonWestport, ON25.00
111.Hilary Evans Cameron, Staff lawyer, Refugee/Immigration Division, Downtown Legal ServicesToronto20.00
112.Inge KirchhoffOttawa30.00
113.Ingeborg Reed, concerned CanadianMontreal30.00
114.Irvine Barat, life-long anti-fascistWindsor, ON20.00
115.Israel CohenMontreal20.00
116.Jack &Calgary20.00
117.Pat Glenn
118.James Loney, Christian Peacemaker TeamsToronto20.00
119.James Loughery, retired from CorrectionsPrince George, BC20.00
120.Jan Heynen &Ottawa
121.Maria Heynen Ottawa100.00
122.Jan SlakovSalt Spring Island, BC25.00
123.Janet PringleMoose Jaw, SK
124.Jean TrudelleMontréal25.00
125.Jennifer ChewMontréal10.00
126.Jessie KayeHamilton25.00
127.Jill Foster, pastorMontréal20.00
128.Jim Phillips, Professor of LawToronto30.00
129.Jo WoodOttawa50.00
130.Joe Cressy, Campaigns Coordinator, Polaris InstituteOttawa50.00
131.Johann FunkArmstrong, BC20.00
132.John Baglow, writerOttawa20.00
133.John Blum, booksellerCanmore20.00
134.John Sewell, former mayor of TorontoToronto75.00
135.Joseph H. Carens, Professor of Political Science, University of TorontoToronto20.00
136.Judy BurwellFredericton40.00
137.Julie GrolleauNantes, FR2.00
138.K. TurnerBolton, ON50.00
139.Karen CocqOttawa50.00
140.Karl Flecker, Canadian Labour Congress National Director Anti-Racism & Human Rights DeptOttawa100.00
141.Keetha MercerMontréal30.00
142.Kelti CameronOttawa20.00
143.Kerri WestlakeMontreal2.00
144.L. Nadir, Canadian citizenToronto30.00
145.Laura Shevchenko, bookbinderMontréal20.00
146.Laurel Dykstra,writerVancouver20.00
147.Lawrence S. Cumming, Consultant in International DevelopmentOttawa20.00
148.Lee McKennaToronto20.00
149.Leonard DesrochesToronto
150.Leila BedeirMontréal20.00
151.Les Soeurs AuxiliatricesMontréal20.00
152.Linda Wiebe, writerUxbridge, Ontario30.00
153.Lisa Stepnuk, engineerMontréal10.00
154.Lyn May, retired teacher, full-time granny, concerned Canadian citizenRichmond Hill20.00
155.Lynn Carlile, Communications, Energy and Paperworkers' Union of Canada, Local CULR-1Ottawa20.00
156.Macdonald Scott, Immigration ConsultantToronto20.00
157.Mandy HiscocksGuelph100.00
158.Margaret Fulton, retired academicSalt Spring Island50.00
159.Margaret Roberts, university professorsCalgary25.00
160.Margaret SumadhToronto20.00
161.Margo Breton, Emeritus Professor, Social Work, University of TorontoToronto25.00
162.Marie BlaisMontréal25.00
163.Marie Eve LamyMontreal50.00
164.Marie José (mj) MatthewsVictoria, BC20.00
165.Marie-Christine Paret, Université de MontréalMontréal25.00
166.Marion Saunderson, retireeOttawa20.00
167.Mark ConnellToronto20.00
168.Mark Golden, teacherWinnipeg100.00
169.Martha Lauzon, library associateWaterloo, ON20.00
170.Martin Duckworth, film makerMontréal20.00
171.Martin Lukacs, concernedMontreal
172.Martin PoirierMontréal20.00
173.Mary Lambie, retired school teacher and nana, concerned, CanadianMississauga20.00
174.Mary O'Neill &Ottawa50.00
175.Matt Sanger
176.Mathieu FrancoeurMontréal20.00
177.Matthew BehrensToronto50.00
178.Maurice DufourMontréal20.00
179.May Chiu, lawyerMontréal20.00
180.Melissa Williams, Professor of Political Science, University of TorontoToronto20.00
181.Michael Bossin, lawyer, Professor of LawOttawa25.00
182.Michael Riordon, writerPrince Edward35.00
183.Mick MallonIqaluit, Nunavut100.00
184.Mohammed Loubani, family doctorLondon ON100.00
185.Moira GraceyToronto20.00
186.Murray Lumley, retired teacherToronto20.00
187.Nadeem LawjiKitchener20.00
188.Nick Aplin, P. Eng, retiredOttawa20.00
189.Normand Breault, retraitéMontréal20.00
190.Pascal Murphy, studentToronto20.00
191.Pascale Brunet, citoyenneMontreal2.00
192.Pat Winston, grandmotherMontreal10.00
193.Paul Roberts, labourerCalgary10.00
194.Paula Marcotte, retired teacherLondon, ON25.00
195.Penelope Simons, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of OttawaOttawa50.00
196.Peter Bunting, scientistOttawa25.00
197.Peter Harley100.00
198.Peter Marmorek, Independent Jewish VoicesToronto20.00
199.Peter Showler, Director, The Refugee Forum, professor, University of OttawaOttawa20.00
200.Phoebe Margaret Smith, studentHalifax20.00
201.Pierre Poupart, avocatMontréal20.00
202.Prof. Nicole LaViolette, Vice Dean, University of Ottawa, Faculty of LawOttawa25.00
203.Professor Audrey Macklin, University of TorontoToronto20.00
204.Professor Julie Macfarlane, Faculty of Law, University of WindsorWindsor20.00
205.Professor Martha Jackman, Faculty of Law, University of OttawaOttawa50.00
206.Rachel SandwellMontreal5.00
207.Reem Bahdi, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of WindsorWindsor100.00
208.Rev. Brian BurchToronto50.00
209.Rev. Dr. Edgar Francis File, retired United Church clergy, retired professor of social science, York UniversityLonsdale, ON25.00
210.Rev. Karen Niven-WigstonOttawa20.00
211.Richard Collier, author/editorCalgary25.00
212.Richard Moon, ProfessorWindsor20.00
213.Robert A. Findlay, retiredToronto20.00
214.Robert Fearn, writerVancouver50.00
215.Robert MaroisGatineau, QC20.00
216.Robert VanderheydenKingston25.00
217.Ronald CameronMontréal25.00
218.Rose Marie WhalleyMontréal20.00
219.Ross Sutherland, Registered NurseHartington, ON25.00
220.S. Pasternak, studentToronto20.00
221.Sadaf AhmedVictoria
222.Samaa ElibyariMontréal20.00
223.Samantha McGavinOttawa25.00
224.Samir Shaheen-HussainMontréal50.00
225.Sarah ShepherdToronto40.00
226.Sean Rehaag, Assistant Professor, Osgoode Hall Law SchoolToronto20.00
227.Serina Zapf, student at the University of VictoriaVictoria, BC25.00
228.Shahrzad Arshadi, artistMontréal20.00
229.Shannon Balla, studentKitchener,50.00
230.Sophie SchoenMontréal20.00
231.Stephen Lewis, former UN Special Envoy HIV/AIDS in AfricaToronto20.00
232.Stephen van Beek, psychotherapist and consultantToronto100.00
233.Stuart RyanOttawa50.00
234.Stuart TrewToronto20.00
235.Susan Breeze, owner/operator small businessBarriere, BC20.00
236.Terry Walker, Canadian citizenToronto10.00
237.Tim Howard, lawyerVancouver100.00
238.Timothy Collier, Vice-President of an Oil Drilling CompanyCalgary40.00
239.Trish Salah, writer and educatorMontréal20.00
240.Vanessa HeddlePointe Claire,QC0.50
241.Vaughn Barnett, legal activistFredericton, NB100.00
242.Virginia CarverOttawa20.00
243.Wade Lifton, youth ministerVancouver50.00
244.Warren Allmand, former Solicitor General of Canada, human rights advocateMontréal20.00
245.Wendy Pol (Goldsmith)London, ON20.00
246.Wilf Ruland, human rights activist and groundwater scientistDundas, ON400.00
247.William Sloan, lawyerMontréal50.00
248.Wim MuyssonBelleville, ON50.00
249.Yves Engler, journalistMontreal5.00
Total 9,284.00

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