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Statement from Abousfian

Listen to an audio statement from Abousfian Abdelrazik on April 1st, 2009 by clicking the play button below. You can download the MP3 here.

Collaborators' List

Due to the complete inaction of the government and the three major opposition parties for nearly two years, and the failure of every single member of Parliament to speak out against the Security Council 1267 blacklist and its arbitrary sanctions, Project Fly Home is launching a new initiative within the context of the Federal Election Campaign ...

Members of parliament and electoral candidates: you are listed!


Abousfian Abdelrazik is at a critical time in his struggle to be free from the sanctions that have straight-jacketed his life ever since his name was arbitrarily added to a UN blacklist in 2006. In January 2011, he submitted a delisting application to the UN Security Council which set in motion a review process that could take between up ten months. He should get an answer to his request any time between September and November 2011.

As has been pointed out many times, the UN Security Council 1267 Blacklist, as well as its listing and delisting processes, are essentially political. So, even with all the support and favourable recommendations in the world, the final decision on Abdelrazik's application will come down to a political choice made by each of the fifteen states on the UN Security Council.

Support from the Canadian government and various political parties is absolutely necessary if Abdelrazik is ever to be free from the heavy burden of having to prove his non-association and his non-profile in order to live free of sanctions and suspicion. To date, this support has been entirely absent.

Launch of the 1267 Collaborators List & Call to Action

As a show of disgust for conservative policies and in order to put pressure on all members of Parliament and all electoral candidates to take a clear position against the 1267 blacklisting regime (and stop avoiding the question!), Project Fly Home is launching the 1267 Collaborators' List. The 1267 Collaborators' List draws deep inspiration from the UN Security Council 1267 list; a truly inspiring regime of Kafka-esque justice and Orwellian meaning.

All members of Parliament, all four major political parties, as well as CSIS and the RCMP, are hereby added to the 1267 Collaborators' List by virtue of their cowardly failure to take a public position against the list, their failure to take any action to revoke the legislation implementing this regime in Canada, their failure to seek Abdelrazik's delisting from Security Council members, and/or their active support for the regime.

Although numerous national and international studies have demonstrated the arbitrary nature of the 1267 Regime and the fact that it has disastrous impacts on the lives of listed individuals, the major political parties have refused to lift a finger to act in the almost two years since Abdelrazik has been back in Canada.

Time to take action! Let's turn up the pressure (see "Sanctions" below)!

The 1267 Blacklist Collaborators' List

The Consolidated List of 1267 Blacklist Collaborators consists of individuals and organizations in Canada suspected of collaborating with the UN Security Council's anti-democratic 1267 Blacklisting Regime or of being associated with entities that have engaged in repressive activities related to imposing this blacklisting regime on Canadians.

Delisting requests

If you believe that you have been listed in error, you may apply to the Listing Committee to be delisted. To be considered for delisting you must publicly denounce the Security Council 1267 Blacklist Regime - simply fill in this handy form. A decision on your delisting application will be communicated to you within ten months. (To address concerns about fairness, an independent email account has been set up to receive delisting applications: PFHDelist@gmail.com.)

Listing requests

If a candidate in your riding, your political opponent or a rival political party is not on this list and you would like them to be listed, please send their name in full, the name of their riding and, if possible, their contact details to the Listing Committee. They will be added to the list immediately. Listing requests may be anonymous and should be sent to PFHDelist@gmail.com.

Sanctions (aka What You Can Do)

Download Delegation Kit

Project Fly Home calls on everyone in Canada to apply appropriate sanctions to listed members of Parliament including, but not limited to:

  1. Writing a letter to your incumbent MP or electoral candidate to inform them that they are Listed and telling them how they can be delisted (see model letter in delegation kit);
  2. Organizing a visit or delegation to your MP or candidate to inform them that they are Listed and telling them how they can be delisted (download delegation kit);
  3. Questioning electoral candidates about their position on this issue during their public appearance in their election campaign (see talking points in delegation kit);
  4. Distributing flyers about their support for this repressive blacklisting regime during the election campaign (download flyer);
  5. Postering in their riding during the election campaign (download poster);
  6. Writing to local media informing community members of their support for the blacklisting regime (download model letter to media);
  7. Not voting for them in the upcoming elections; and
  8. Organizing pickets outside their offices (download flyer).

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