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Accommodate This!

This report is the culmination of the "Accommodate this!" series of anti-racist events and discussions in Montreal, that aimed at challenging the xenophobic climate surrounding the so-called "debate" on Reasonable Accommodation in Quebec.

In the vein of shifting the focus from the so called societal "debate" onto our lived realities, as migrant and racialized communities, and our on-going struggles, we wanted to record the voices of those at the receiving end of racism, sexism, exploitation and injustice, and those who are at the frontlines of the struggle against all forms of oppression, in a counter-report, based on our vision of justice and dignity. This is the "Accommodate this!" report.

Finally, this report highlights our on going organizing efforts against state oppression and violence targeted at the most marginalized, through Indigenous solidarity work, Status for All campaigns, mobilizing against so called "security measures" in Immigration, as well as organizing against the Bouchard-Taylor Commission itself

The Report

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