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Facilitator's Manual

People's Commission Facilitator's Manual

The facilitator's manual was developed as a guide for leading discussions and classes on immigration security measures, racism, and exclusion. It is divided into 3 modules and a facilitator's guide:

  • Seeing the Big Picture
    The purpose of this module is to offer an historical framework of immigration and security measures. While Canada has worked hard to construct an image of itself as an open and inclusive multi-cultural society, the history of Canadian colonialism, slavery, and immigration shows how racism has shaped this country. Is Canada really as inclusive as it claims? Is the current anti-terrorism legislation simply a product of a post 9/11 world? Or is there a larger history framing all of this?

  • Racial Profiling
    The purpose of this module is to offer an overview of the concept of racial profiling and how it relates to current immigration and national security policies in Canada.

  • Due Process is not a lot to expect from democracy...
    The purpose of this module is to offer an overview of the concept of due process of law, and to demonstrate how this fundamental legal principle has been ignored in both the specific case of security certificates, as well as in immigration practices more generally. Specific examples of detention and deportation will illustrate the violation of due process. While Canada claims to be a country built on fundamental respect for the rights of all people, there is reason to believe that these rights are protected only for some people, some of the time. Does Canada always respect the due process of the law? And if not, what can we learn from the cases in which due process is ignored? What are the alternatives to these contraventions of the law?

  • Facilitator's Guide
    The material included in this handbook deals with subject matter that has very real impacts on people’s lives. It is important to consider a few points before offering a workshop. The following few pages offer a framework in which to begin, as well as a few helpful suggestions when designing your workshop

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